David Mynors


Flatiron School, Software Engineering Immersive

Sept 2019 | Jan 2020

Fifteen week course focussed on full-stack web development taught on London Campus. Began building CLI Ruby apps, then moved through Sinatra to Rails, JavaScript, and finally React.

The University of Edinburgh, Religious Studies (MA)

Sept 2015 | May 2019

Graduated with first-class honours. Topics studied included Christian and Islamic theology, the Hindu epics, New Age Spiritualities, ethics, internet and society, sociology, happiness, and death. I wrote my disseration on the religiosity of TempleOS and the online following of Terry Davis, its creator.


Untitled Golf Game

Multiplayer 2D golf game with a backend built on Node with Express and MongoDB. We used Socket.io for websockets, Matter.js as our physics engine, and Bootstrap for styling.
Playable at www.untitledgolfga.me.


Rails app with basic CRUD functionality. Users can post ideas, view ideas posted by others, and ‘pin’ ideas to save them for later. We used Bootstrap for styling.


Python script which syncs tasks from Todoist to Habitica. Tracks the completion of tasks for non-premium Todoist users by creating a local record of uncompleted tasks which it references the next time it runs.


Fingertips, Tipster (IT Support Consultant)

July 2017

Provided IT support for five clients in their homes including installation of antivirus and teaching basic skills in MS Office.

RollaDome, Volunteer Trainee Coach and PR Assistant

June 2016 | Aug 2016

Taught children to rollerskate and assisted with the online advertisement of events.