David Mynors

Full-stack web developer, religious studies graduate, emacs enthusiast.
In my religious studies degree I excelled at analysing systems, examining
the interaction of components like scripture, belief, society, and politics.
I found my way to software engineering following a lifelong itch for technical tinkering. My teenage years were spent installing different linux distros on my computer, and I am always looking for ways to optimise digital workflows.
Being a member of Social.Coop, a cooperatively-run Mastodon instance,
I am also interested in decentralisation and platform cooperatives.

Skilled with JavaScript, React, Node, Express, Ruby, Rails, Git, and Linux.


Flatiron School, Software Engineering Immersive

Sept 2019 – Jan 2020

Fifteen week course focussed on full-stack web development taught on London Campus. Began building CLI Ruby apps, then moved through Sinatra to Rails, JavaScript, and finally React with Redux.

The University of Edinburgh, Religious Studies (MA)

Sept 2015 – May 2019

Graduated with first-class honours. Topics studied included Internet and Society, Ethics, Sociology, Christian and Islamic Theology, the Hindu Epics, New Age Spiritualities, Happiness, and Death. Dissertation examined the religiosity of TempleOS, an operating system written in HolyC to talk to God, and the online following of Terry Davis, its creator.


Untitled Golf Game


Multiplayer 2D golf game with chat and multiple maps playable at www.untitledgolfga.me.

  • Utilised Matter.js, a JavaScript physics engine, to handle friction and collisions.
  • Implemented Socket.io across the backend and frontend to enable multiplayer functionality with WebSockets.
  • Node backend enabled the use of Matter.js and Socket.io, and served the frontend with Express.
  • Ensured usability in desktop and mobile views using Bootstrap’s responsive styling.


idmyn/contentStream-node + steve-alex/contentStream-react

Twitter client enabling users to save tweets into different categories to revisit them later. Built with a MERN stack.

  • Stored encrypted user credentials client-side with JSON Web Tokens and localStorage.
  • Hashed and validated passwords in the backend using Argon2.
  • Utilised git-crypt with GPG to encrypt project files containing API keys, allowing those files to be safely pushed to GitHub and streamlining collaboration.
  • Associated Twitter credentials with user accounts in the MongoDB database, ensuring users only needed to authenticate with Twitter once.



MVC Rails app enabling users to post ideas, view ideas posted by others, and ‘pin’ ideas to save them for later.

  • Ensured frontend styling was responsive using Bootstrap. Added icons with FontAwesome.
  • Extracted HTML for ‘ideas’ into a partial, giving them a consistent appearance across the site.
  • Seeded SQLite database with mock data using the Faker gem.


Fingertips, Tipster (IT Support Consultant). London.

July 2017

Provided IT support for five clients in their homes including installation of antivirus and teaching basic skills in MS Office.

RollaDome, Volunteer Trainee Coach and PR Assistant. London.

June 2016 – Aug 2016

Taught children to rollerskate and assisted with the online advertisement of events.